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Approaching the end of another year, Maritime HR professionals brace themselves with a mix of anticipation and worry…

It’s that time again – the budgeting pandemonium for the upcoming year, and in particular, allocating a budget for your Maritime recruitment in 2024.

You are facing a unique challenge – the requirement to secure the talent you need while managing the unpredictable nature of recruitment costs

Maritime businesses hire a multitude of job disciplines to achieve success within the market – planning your recruitment spend accurately feels impossible.

Frustrated HR Director
Picture This:

An HR Director (let’s call her Sarah) sits behind her desk, surrounded by an assortment of spreadsheets, market analyses, and hastily jotted notes.

She’s frustrated, desperately trying to decipher the maze of numbers and variables sprawled before her.

At the heart of her problem? The annual budgeting for her company’s recruitment spend.

Does this sound like you?

The Challenges of Maritime Recruitment Budgeting:

Before the solution always comes the challenge! The maritime industry is a vast and multifaceted sector, riddled with industry-specific challenges that complicate the recruitment process (and budgeting for it)!

The Candidate Network Dilemma:

Sarah knows that her organisation will rely heavily on a diverse pool of experienced talent in 2024. Yet, organising the financial plan to source these candidates within the market feels hopeless.

The best candidates are passive talent – individuals happily working with your competitors who only know success! These candidates have the core competencies and experience necessary to drive your business forward.

But the time, strategy, and cost associated with sourcing them?

Also what will the market think of you directly headhunting as your own brand?

And finally do you and your current recruitment agency know where to find them?

The Skill Set ‘Needle in a Haystack’:

In the maritime industry, a wide spectrum of skills is essential – ranging from in-depth maritime SaaS experience to a profound understanding of complex maritime regulations.

Additionally, as the industry continues to evolve towards digitisation and the Internet of Things (IoT), the demand for individuals with expertise in modern Maritime technologies has surged.

For Sarah to effectively identify the ideal range of skills required in the sea of candidates as well as forecast the cost for each unique hiring requirement, she will need a vast amount of support!

Needle in a haystack
Your impending leavers:

While Sarah is frantically trying to get the budget together to estimate the cost of planned hiring, she cannot begin to factor in the cost of replacing existing employees!

who plans on losing good employees?!

The Maritime industry’s relentlessly competitive job market results in frequent employee turnover, adding to the perpetual need for recruitment.

This dynamic element further complicates budgetary planning – as your budgets will lack the contingency plan of hiring for growth and replacing leavers simultaneously.

Your Budgeting ‘Best Guess’:

The root of all Sarah’s problems – the unpredictable nature of recruitment expenses.

These costs vary depending on salary negotiations, the efficiency of the recruitment process, and fluctuating recruitment fees – rendering attempts to create a stable and accurate hiring budget virtually impossible.

Standard recruitment fees are a fixed percentage of the candidate’s salary – but can you accurately predict each salary?

With various levels of candidate seniority, counter-offers, and negotiations in the mix – your fee could fluctuate from £10,000 to £60,000 with no way of planning!

This makes for a vague internal hiring plan, especially as you can’t even guarantee an efficient process every time.

Confused hiring manager with no clear plan

Just one poorly managed hiring process can cause mass commercial downtime, internal time wasted, and decreased revenue.

Try to budget that!

If only Sarah could cover all her annual hiring for a fixed monthly subscription, ensuring an efficient hiring process that scientifically selects the best candidate every time….

The Maritime Budgeting Solution: Recruitment as a Service

Amidst this ocean of challenges and budgetary complexities, a ray of hope emerges for Sarah.

It’s called Recruitment as a Service, or simply, RaaS, and it’s offered by Executive Integrity.

A fixed-fee subscription that covers all your hiring for a year – sound’s good right?

Strategic Recruitment Partnership:

RaaS is more than just a CV delivery service; it’s a strategic recruitment partnership.

With RaaS, a Maritime recruitment expert will seamlessly embed themselves within your business – becoming a perfect extension of your company’s mission, vision, and growth goals. They will promote you as an employer of choice to the industry, utilising every possible channel to source the best possible candidate.

Budget Predictability:

RaaS offers true budget stability.

Say goodbye to fluctuating high recruitment costs and distribute your recruitment expenses evenly through a fixed low-cost monthly subscription.

No matter the role – from a CEO to a Sales Exec – you know what you are paying.

Cost-Efficient Annual Job Credits:

What truly sets RaaS apart is its unique job credit system.

You receive annual job credits that can be used for any role, regardless of salary.

With each credit you gain full access to our entire suite of recruitment tools, strategy, and experts to source the key talent you need.

All this is covered under a simple fixed monthly cost, ensuring complete budget stability.

Scientific Candidate Evaluation:

We utilise the best candidate evaluation tools such as psychometric, behavioural, and key competency-based assessments.

This lets us generate clear reports to give you a detailed ‘job fit’ analysis to have before the interview to enhance your decision-making.

Our candidate evaluation boasts a 96% retention rate on new hires in the first 12 months.

Efficient Candidate Tracking:

Included in RaaS is access to our advanced Candidate Management Platform Executive Intelligence – simplifying the hiring process for both the hiring managers and candidates.

No messy email chains or qualified talent slipping through the cracks, leaving a lasting impression of professionalism on every candidate involved.

Global Maritime Recruitment Experts:

Tap into our niche job boards, global candidate database, and our expert consultants’ networks to ensure the best talent pool for your crucial searches.

With an expert Maritime recruitment consultant at your disposal, you can secure every hire required to meet your growth goals.

Maritime HR Manager’s Relief

After Sarah found RaaS – her Maritime hiring budgeting nightmares are a thing of the past.

She doesn’t even need a calculator! Just her fixed monthly payment x12 is sufficient to present as the annual hiring spend for her business.

That simplicity alone saved her time before she even started hiring for 2024!

Be like sarah – reach out to us for a discovery call to learn how RaaS can transform your annual hiring process.

HR Manager relieved and celebrating
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