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Struggling to attract top industry professionals in sustainable technology? Our team of marketing specialists are here to help!

We offer a broad range of marketing solutions that can be customised to meet the unique recruitment needs of your business. Using our recruitment marketing expertise and extensive candidate database, we will assist you in connecting with the most suitable candidates for your job openings.

We effectively promote your services and solutions to the wider industry to establish your organisation as a preferred employer, attracting the top industry talent and positioning your company as an employer of choice. This will lead your business to improved productivity, higher employee retention, and overall success toward your overarching business goals!


The Marketing Challenges You Face

Our marketing solutions support challenges such as:

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  • Attracting qualified passive candidates: Passive candidates with the perfect skills and experience, who are not actively seeking new job opportunities, can be the pinnacle hire for your business. However, engaging and convincing passive candidates to consider a new role is challenging. You must utilise expert strategies to capture the attention and interest of these highly sought-after individuals.
  • Employer brand perception: Establishing a positive employer brand is crucial for attracting top talent in your sector. Negative perceptions or lack of awareness about the company’s brand can make it difficult to attract and engage potential candidates. Investment in building and promoting your employer brand is crucial to overcome this challenge.
  • Targeting the right candidate audience: Identifying and reaching the right target candidate audience is vital for your recruitment marketing success. Employers often struggle with defining their target audience accurately and can’t effectively reach them through the right channels and platforms.
  • Leveraging digital platforms and technology: With the increasing reliance on digital platforms and technology in recruitment marketing, you must adapt and leverage these tools effectively. Keeping up with the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, social media, applicant tracking systems, and other recruitment technologies can be time-consuming and it’s difficult to remain consistent. Without using the right channels, and reaching your specific audience, you will end up wasting efforts with irrelevant candidate applications.

Our marketing solutions are designed to address these challenges head-on, ensuring that your organisation attracts the right talent and builds a strong employer brand.

Overcoming your challenges

Bespoke Employer Landing Page

We create a customised landing page to promote your business and attract ideal candidates. We showcase your organisation as an employer of choice and a leader in the industry.

Customised Candidate Management Platform

We develop a bespoke candidate portal made for your organisation to improve candidate experience and impress with a cutting-edge and seamless interview process.

Global Job Adverts

We promote professional Job adverts created and deployed to our extensive network of top industry talent – expanding your global reach and enticing even the most passive candidates in the sector.

Targeted Recruitment Email Campaigns

We’ll craft compelling messages and deliver them directly to the inboxes of our extensive targeted network of highly qualified candidates, helping you to source the right fit for your organisation quickly and efficiently.

Social Media Targeted Ads

We utilise our digital marketing expertise to conduct paid targeted recruitment campaigns to promote your job vacancies using profile targeting to ensure the ideal candidate audience.

Our Indirect Marketing Support

We become an extension of your marketing function – going beyond traditional marketing methods. Using our expertise in digital marketing, branding, and creative strategies – we’ll help develop engaging marketing assets, dual-brand with our large follower base, and secure your position as an employer of choice in the market.


Our recruitment marketing services offer comprehensive solutions to attract top talent and improve your overall recruitment process. With our array of digital tools and marketing strategies, we can effectively increase candidate engagement and promote your employer brand.

What Our Clients think
  • As Supply chain leader who values sustainability and environment in my daily job, I am thrilled to hear that EI has planted a tree to celebrate this success. Thank you, EI for your commitment towards a better future tomorrow.

    Head of Supply Chain

  • Executive Integrity are at the foundation of our ability to grow our business at the pace it needs to accelerate. Having been involved with recruiters my entire working life, I can say without reservation that they are the best of the best.


  • Knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole process and had good tips on the Dutch hiring process.

    Commercial Director

  • I had a fantastic experience with Simon, Christopher and the team at Executive Integrity. Their attention to detail, experience, professionalism and industry knowledge is very impressive

    HR Manager

  • Theses guys have years of experience, which they are now applying to this specialist market. Extremely conscientious of a high end service and overall forward thinking.

    Managing Director

  • Simon and Christopher spent time with me to really understand what my motivations were and what culture I look for in an organisation I would want to work for. They ensured this married up and we would be a good fit before progressing.

    VP of Sales

  • Executive Integrity is most reputable human resource company who is providing high standard and best quality of services.

    Project Director

  • They touched base with me on a daily basis even if there wasn’t an update which again was a first and I never once had to follow up. From start to finish this was a seamless process and I would recommend the team to anyone.

    Sales Manager

  • Very fast and effective recruitment service – always delivering the guidance our businesses needed to source the most capable professionals.

    Operations Manager

  • A refreshing approach from such a great team! Really professional, highly engaging and excellent throughout. Thanks again all at EI!

    HR Director

Our Marketing Team

Our team of highly skilled marketing experts are dedicated to staying up to date with the latest recruitment marketing trends and strategies to ensure optimal results for our recruitment partners.

Partnering with us means you’ll have a dedicated team of experts working to attract the most suitable candidates with the most modern and effective marketing solutions to meet your diverse hiring goals.

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