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Improving Recruitment Processes Globally​

We are a global organization that is socially and environmentally responsible

Being experts in relocation, we understand that the global workforce has become increasingly transient over the past decade. We help businesses across the globe execute their plans for growth by sourcing the right talent, no matter where they may be.

We have worked in over 50 countries internationally and help companies bring in talent from all over the world

Find out how YOU can achieve a 96% retention rate

Through Executive Intelligence, 96% of our placements are still in post after 12 months - with an impressive 93% still in post after 24 months.

With over 30% of new hires leaving the average job within 6 months - can you afford to recruit for the same position twice in a single year?

​Contact us to find out how we can get your employee retention to 96%

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What actually is the true cost of a bad hire?

A poor hire with a salary of £42,000 can actually cost a business more than £132,000

This is due to the hidden costs of failed recruitment include re-training, lost productivity & attrition

4 in 10 employers (39%) admit their interviewing & assessment skills need improving

Find out how costly your 'Bad Hires' are!

Our unique Bad Hire Calculator uses the latest Oxford Economics and Society for Human Resource Management metrics* to work out what the true cost of a bad hire is to your company.

You wouldn’t let any part of your business function below 80%, but if people are leaving before they’ve been in the job for 12-months, that’s exactly what is happening.

Success stories

What they say about us
  • Project Director
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    ​“Christopher has been most helpful in identifying an interesting opportunity and guide me through the entire process with patience and rapid action when required during the negotiations. I most certainly recommend him.”

    Project Director


  • COO
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    “Simon is sharp, excellent communication, excellent advice, truly professional. A great experience working with him, and grateful for the support given. Highly recommend.”



  • CEO
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    “Very professional on every level, they were meticulous throughout and delivered an exceptional candidate, who has made a real impact within our business, cannot recommend highly enough.”



  • Director
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    “Extremely thorough in their entire process, Communication was exceptional and candidate review was well organised. They listen to the feedback we provided on each candidate to make sure they delivered exactly what we...



  • Director of Planning
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    “Simon helped me in the recruitment process of my recent position with BP. He was very professional throughout the whole process: personable, punctual, great communicator. I would certainly recommend him.”

    Director of Planning


  • VP of Sales
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    “Chris is not only a highly skilled professional. He has charisma in communicating and above all, he cares about the people he is working with and supports them all the way to achievement. It has been always a pleasur...

    VP of Sales


  • Engineering Director
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    “Christopher is an expert in matching people's skills to a job role. He is determined, very effective and focused on getting you the right job. Thanks to his instinct and talent I have moved to a new senior role. I wo...

    Engineering Director


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