How to give an impressive interview presentation in the sustainable technology sector.

Our 8 tips for a stand-out interview presentation can help!

Presentations are critical in job interviews within this field. Being invited to present is a fantastic and exciting opportunity to really flex your knowledge and your professional presence in the industry.

By following our top presentation tips, you’ll impress potential employers by effectively communicating your expertise in this innovative industry. You will be able to deliver a presentation that truly resonates, landing you that golden opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Here are our presentation top tips:
  • Practice: Perfect your presentation with friends and family first. Get real-time feedback, then amend. Record yourself and listen back for self-criticism.
  • Time management: Ensure your presentation is not too long or too short. Check the length time on your recordings and adjust your script or pacing accordingly in certain sections. Be sure to cover all the essential information without sacrificing the quality of presentation and delivery.
  • Tone, speed, and voice: Tone is one of the best methods of communication. Raise your tone wherever appropriate in your presentation and give emphasis to certain words or sections. Read your presentation clearly with proper grammar, enunciation, and planned breaths to sound credible and engaging. When we are nervous we tend to talk faster, so be sure to breathe and keep your pace natural and steady, just like you rehearsed.
  • Dress to impress: Look the part when presenting to make a strong first impression. 90% of communication is non-verbal so this plays a huge part in the audience’s perception of you. Dressing well gives you the professional edge needed to instantly show professionalism to your audience.
  • Relax: Before your presentation, take a moment to center yourself, breathe deeply, and calm your nerves. Have a bottle of water handy and take it with you.
  • Body language: This plays a major part in the audience’s perception of you. Stand up straight and keep your arms apart. Using your hands helps to emphasise your points and shows enthusiasm when presenting. Also, make sure you move around the room if possible instead of standing in one spot.
  • Engage: Connect with everyone in the room by engaging with them (not just one person) to keep their attention. You can’t look at everyone at once, instead, speak directly to one person, then move your eyes to another and focus on them.
  • Q&A section: Welcome questions at the end of your presentation to encourage engagement and demonstrate your expertise in sustainable technology! This is an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

Use these tips to ensure you stand out among global candidates as a confident and assertive presenter of your knowledge and expertise. You will be on the right path to landing your dream job in clean technology.

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