Our core belief is that the planet and our people should come above profits.

Executive Integrity is the partner of choice to a diverse array of global sustainable technology companies – sourcing the top industry professionals they need to deliver on their ambitious projects.

Operating out of Southampton, we pride ourselves on providing consistent value to our clients, whose innovative technologies are supplying green energy solutions across our specialist markets.

Driven by our shared values for a more sustainable world, we use our vast industry network, industry expertise and extensive global recruitment experience to help businesses land the crucial talent they need to thrive.

Our Story

Our founders, Simon Grant and Christopher Slade, had grown restless with the recruitment industry. They felt a distinct lack of any integrity or purpose. They grew tired of financial gain as the presiding principle behind every single action in recruitment.

This is why Executive Integrity was founded. We make it an absolute necessity to prioritise people and the planet over our profits.

We are a purpose-driven recruitment company. Not just words or a tagline. We work exclusively with clients and candidates who share our values, recruiting the best industry professionals whose innovative work is helping to build a more sustainable world.

Our decisions are backed by what we call the ‘three P’s’ (People, Planet and Profit) in order to create our sustainable business.

A key flaw in standard recruitment we strive to fix is that most recruiters are just a CV delivery service, with no value beyond that.

The recruitment process hasn’t been modernised for many years! That’s why we invest in the best hiring and candidate-sourcing technology to improve our clients’ attraction, assessments, and retention.

We are more than a CV service. As a recruitment partner of choice to global leaders in sustainable technology, we provide tangible value to our clients with our award-winning platform Executive Intelligence.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional client service, exceeding customers’ expectations and providing them with the highest calibre of candidates.

To build trusted, long-term relationships with you and your organisation – building teams of transformational leaders who can navigate the digitalisation and environmental challenges faced by organisations globally.

To partner with those who share the same values and vision as us – individuals or companies who want to make the world a more sustainable place.

Our Vision

To be the partner of choice for those who share the same values and visions as us – recruiting industry leaders with a passion for sustainability.

To plant over 700 trees by 2025 by planting a tree for every placement – we are on our way to an Executive Integrity forest!

We work every day with the goal of partnering with environmentally responsible companies to create a more sustainable net-zero planet.

Our Values

We are a global organisation that is socially and environmentally responsible

We take pride in what we do, and ensure we always give the highest standard of service

We want to celebrate success with our clients and candidates around the world

We have a commitment to integrity, fairness, and responsibility

Giving Back

We provide every member of our team with the ability to support life-changing charities.
We dedicate 20 hours of annual charity time per team member to get involved and make a difference to the world we live in.

Charities we partner with

Renewable World

We donate a percentage of annual profits to Renewable World, a charity that develops affordable and innovative renewable energy solutions for poverty-stricken communities.


We plant a mangrove tree in the heart of the woodlands we care for on behalf of both the client and the candidate for every placement we make. We hope to plant a forest of 700 trees by 2024!

Scratch Charity

We work with the local charity SCRATCH to relieve the effects of hardship, disadvantage and poverty for individuals and families living in Southampton and the surrounding area.

The Africa Trust

In partnership with Aquaid we installed a fresh-water pump to provide a village with a crucial water source.

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