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Why Work for Anemoi

Anemoi are true sustainable propulsion innovators – delivering advanced wind
assisted propulsion systems to the global shipping industry to help lower emissions.

The Anemoi team share a passion for sustainability and environmental
protection, which drives innovative real-world designs.

Make a difference to the world we live in

Bring Renewable Energy to global markets

Work with a diverse and agile team

A company with a hands-on innovative approach

Huge professional development opportunities

Market leading benefits

Anemoi’s purpose driven solution

Anemoi’s Rotor Sails, originally known as Flettner Rotors, are an energy saving technology for the shipping industry. These modern mechanical sails are comprised of tall cylinders which, when driven to spin, harness the renewable power of the wind to propel ships. As a result, this additional thrust significantly reduces fuel consumption and lowers harmful emissions entering our atmosphere.

Anemoi’s Mission:

Every year the shipping industry releases almost a billion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Anemoi would like to see this figure reduced dramatically and one day removed altogether to achieve our vision of setting the world in motion with wind.

To reach this goal, industry parties need to join forces to develop and adopt emission reduction solutions.

Anemoi’s mission is to accelerate the maritime industry’s transition to zero-emission shipping by delivering market-leading wind technology.

Hear from the Anemoi Team
  • The opportunity to work in a close-knit team, with the potential to make a big difference to global emissions, was one that I couldn’t pass up.

    Since joining Anemoi I have been able to satisfy my engineering-based need to come up with practical solutions to difficult problems, whilst knowing that my work is contributing to a more positive future for my children and future generations.

    Joe Plunkett

    Joe Plunkett

    Senior Engineer

  • At Anemoi, it’s clear the values of the employees align with the company’s vision.

    I’ve been able to work closely with all departments, from Sales to Engineering, which really highlights Anemoi’s collaborative approach to working.

    The leadership team offer a great combination of professional guidance and empowerment, encouraging team members to come up with new and creative ideas as we commercialise the product.

    Eleanor Taylor

    Eleanor Taylor

    Marketing Manager

Industry success

Berge Neblina
Valemax Ore Carrier

In partnership with Berge Bulk – Anemoi has created two innovative solutions. Neblina, a 388k DWT Valemax Ore Carrier owned by Berge Bulk, will be installed with four 5x35m Anemoi Rotor Sails on a Folding Deployment System. The Berge Mulhacen is Anemoi’s second project with Berge Bulk, the Singapore-based dry bulk owner. Berge Mulhacen, a 2017-built 210k DWT Newcastlemax bulk carrier, will receive four 5x35m Anemoi Rotor Sails on a Folding Deployment System. Both systems allow the Rotor Sails to be lowered from the vertical to mitigate the impact on air draught and cargo handling operations

TR Lady
Kamsarmax Bulk Carrier

In partnership with TR Lady Shipping, a portfolio company of Tufton Investment Management, Anemoi was tasked with installing rotor sails on an 82k DWT Kamsarmax bulker. The bulk carrier TR Lady will be supplied and fitted with three 5x24m Rotor Sails and Anemoi’s patented Rail Deployment System, which allows the sails to be moved across the deck to minimize the impact on port operations.

Ultramax Bulk Carrier

In partnership with Blue Planet Shipping, Anemoi provided the crucial solution for the MV Afros which is the world’s first bulk carrier equipped with a Flettner Rotor System for Wind Assisted Propulsion based on the Magnus Effect. The vessel features four large vertical rotors on the starboard side and each unit sits on a carriage structure which allows the rotor sails to be repositioned along the deck to facilitate ship operations.

Kamsarmax Bulk Carrier

In partnership with Blue Planet Shipping, Anemoi provided the crucial solution for the MV Axios which is the world’s first ‘Wind Ready Ship’ with a Flettner Rotor System for Wind Assisted Propulsion based on the Magnus Effect. The vessel features four large vertical rotors with Electrical and Control hardware for up to 8 Rotor Sails. Using Anemoi’s Transverse Rail Deployment Systems, they ensured port operations would not be affected once the Rotors were installed

Meet The Anemoi Leaders

Kim Diederichsen
Chief Executive Officer

Kim, who joined Anemoi in November 2019, has a proven track record of successfully commercialising businesses in the Marine, Oil and Gas industries.Specialising in business expansion, strategic development and opportunity identification, Kim utilises his Marine background to take a hands. on approach to leadership. He is pleased to be taking Anemoi on its journey to commercialisation, with an innovative, forward-looking product.

Clare Urmston
Chief Financial Officer

Clare joined Anemoi in early 2020, bringing her extensive commercial knowledge from a range of industries. Clare is motivated by the collaborative, start-up culture of Anemoi and the huge opportunity to take the business from Research and Development to full commercialisation. She has a keen interest in animal conservation and says that Anemoi’s eco-friendly mission is her opportunity to give back to nature.

Nick Contopoulos
Chief Operating Officer

Nick is one of the founding members of Anemoi which he took a lead role in setting up, following an established career working at a prestigious ship owning coman an as a constan at some of the world’s largest providers of professional and technical services. He has over 18 years’ experience across multi-disciplinary engineering and shipping sectors, with a proven track record of delivering complex engineering projects.

Liam Campbell
Projects Director

Lam Is an exerienced marme professional, having worked in senior and director positions in shipyards, classification societies and shipping companies. He joined Anemoi via Executive Integrity in early 2023 and has brought a wealth of strategic growth and business transformation experience. Liam has managed large organisations and ship newbuild and refit programmes in four different countries for both shipyards and owners.

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