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Discover Purpose-Driven Shipping Leaders

As the Shipping sector continues to navigate through changing market conditions and disruptive technologies, finding exceptional leaders who can navigate these challenges is crucial for sustained success.

From the increasing focus on sustainability and environmental regulations to the adoption of digital technologies and automation, we recognise the importance of sourcing executives who can effectively lead and adapt to these transformative shifts.

With a deep understanding of the shipping industry and its unique requirements, our executive search team specialises in identifying and attracting top-tier C-suite talent that possesses the skills, experience, and forward-thinking mindset needed to drive businesses forward in this rapidly changing landscape.

At Executive Integrity, we understand the critical role that exceptional leadership plays in the shipping industry’s success.

As a partner-of-choice executive search firm specialising in the global Shipping sector, our comprehensive Executive Search services are tailored to help your organisation find top-tier senior talent to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities of this dynamic industry.

With our current knowledge on the transient landscape of the sector and an extensive network of C-suite level candidates, we are dedicated to identifying, attracting, and securing high-calibre executives who possess the skills, experience, and vision to drive your organisation forward.

Our unparalleled results are achieved through our senior recruitment expertise and our award-winning candidate management platform Executive Intelligence.

Executive Intelligence utilises psychometric and behavioural testing to ensure you get the most suitable senior candidate profiles. Using our job-fit analysis, we can accurately identify the ideal C-suite candidates by benchmarking the executive shortlist against key job role criteria.

Discover Executive Intelligence

Learn how our executive recruitment platform makes finding and hiring the right senior talent smooth and straightforward, helping your business thrive.

With Executive Intelligence, you can streamline your recruitment process and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights, ensuring you always find the best match for your company.

Simple to use and a game-changer for your C-suite hiring process – Executive Intelligence can help your business grow to new heights.

Our Shipping Executive Search Consultant’s Assignments:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Managing Director
  • Vice President
  • General Manager
  • Director of Ship Management
  • Operations Director
  • Fleet Manager
  • Fleet Director
  • Head of Fleet
  • Head of Fleet LNG/FSRU
  • Head of Fleet LPG
  • FSRU Project Director
  • Vice President Operations & Maintenance
  • Head of Operations
  • Vice President Technical

Sustainable Executive Search Experts

Our success with executive search is due to our relationship-driven approach.

We work closely as a recruitment partner with your business, taking the time to understand your requirements and advise on the most effective strategy to ensure we deliver the optimal executive talent.

With our extensive experience and exclusive access to board directors and senior executives across an array of sustainable technology industries and functions – we can extract the most impactful leaders in the market.


Executive Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment to equality and fairness is essential when sourcing your next senior executives.

We understand that equality, diversity, and inclusion at the executive level is crucial for driving innovation, enhancing decision-making, and fostering a culture of excellence within organisations.

Our executive search experts are dedicated to helping our clients build diverse leadership teams that reflect the rich tapestry of our global society.

Our Executive Search Process

Establish your search priorities

Where we develop a customised brief for the role alongside a candidate specification that details the company’s purpose and mission, the role’s responsibilities, key challenges, as well as key experience, qualifications, and competencies required for long-term success.

Determine the search strategy

We conduct targeted research, identifying key candidate demographics and developing a comprehensive global talent market map. This leads to a long list of the best-qualified candidates for the role – prioritising diversity and inclusion to ensure an extensive and inclusive candidate pool.

Evaluate and Pre-qualify

The longlist undergoes a process of approaching with an initial video/face-to-face interview, to then be selected for our key competency-based video assessments. We also will conduct psychometric and behavioural analysis to ensure the final shortlist are a strong business match.

Present the most qualified candidates for interview

We present each executive candidate to you via our award-winning platform Executive Intelligence – accompanying each profile with a detailed job-fit analysis, psychometric profile results, and personalised videos. With our expert insight coupled with client feedback, we begin to organise the interview process until selection.

Completion of search and Onboarding

Once the best candidate is selected, we manage contract negotiations to come to a mutual agreement. We maintain regular communication with your selected executive, providing resignation consultation and conducting 3-month check-ins to ensure success.

What our clients think
  • The online platform enabled the process and was user friendly. The pre-recorded responses to our key interview questions provided excellent assessment insight and allowed us to do so at our own time. Real search partners that understood what was important to us and delivered.

    Head of HR

  • Extremely thorough in their entire process, Communication was exceptional and candidate review was well organised. They listen to the feedback we provided on each candidate to make sure they delivered exactly what we were looking for, highly recommend

    Commercial Director

  • Simon and Christopher spent time with me to really understand what my motivations were and what culture I look for in an organisation I would want to work for. They ensured this married up and we would be a good fit before progressing.

    VP of Sales

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