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Global hydrogen is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with jobs projected to triple by 2030 and increase 20-fold by 2050. The sector needs talented hydrogen talent for existing and new projects, to maintain progress towards a more sustainable world. We are a chosen hydrogen recruitment partner with some of the best global hydrogen companies, who grasp the potential of hydrogen as the solution to replace fossil fuels. Find the best global hydrogen jobs here!

Our hydrogen recruitment consultants understand the challenges facing hiring managers and hydrogen candidates, with the industry being young and the technology evolving fast. Finding the right hydrogen professionals with the relevant skills, experience, and qualifications as well as the latest understanding of regulatory changes and policies is tricky. Our expert hydrogen recruitment consultants overcome these barriers to find you only the best professionals for this crucial industry.

We’ve placed Hydrogen candidates in the following roles…

Hydrogen Production Managers
Hydrogen Storage Engineers
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Scientists
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engineers
Hydrogen Infrastructure Specialists
Hydrogen Production Technicians

Hydrogen Safety Specialists
Hydrogen System Integrators
Hydrogen Policy Analysts
Hydrogen Research Scientists
Hydrogen Project Managers
and more…

Supplying clean energy to industrial users is the major goal – Hydrogen has a huge part to play

We understand the challenges in Hydrogen recruitment

Executive integrity has proven experience recruiting hydrogen professionals with developers and contractors, securing hydrogen jobs for exciting global projects. We have successfully placed both permanent and contract hydrogen candidates across a wide range of hydrogen disciplines, including green hydrogen production, R&D, transportation, infrastructure and O&M.

Our expert team of hydrogen recruitment consultants support clients throughout the whole project lifecycle. This includes areas such as steam methane reforming (SMR), electrolysis, chemical and electrical engineering, and project development.

Hydrogen Recruitment Experts

Our global hydrogen recruitment team specialises in dedicated sectors and verticals within the hydrogen industry, including fuel cell technology, hydrogen pipeline management, storage solutions and infrastructure development. This deep experience allows us to fully grasp the needs and requirements of hydrogen hiring managers, ensuring that recruitment projects are on time, within budget and compliant with regulations.

What sets us apart is our hydrogen industry expertise and vast network, as well as our extensive individual experience within our specialised areas.

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