End the Recruitment Budget Rollercoaster: Meet our RaaS Model

Think of it as a monthly subscription service for recruitment.

No charge per placement – just a fixed monthly cost covering all your annual hiring needs.

RaaS takes the challenging process of recruiting global talent and simplifies it with an integrated approach that combines technology, automation, candidate analysis, and recruiting expertise to provide you with top industry talent at one fixed monthly cost.

Our RaaS Service Offers You:
100% Wider reach of candidates in the market
96% Retention Rate on New Hires
50% Reduction in 'Time to Placement'
40% Recruitment Cost Savings

How can RaaS benefit you?

Partner with a dedicated Account Manager

A Dedicated Recruitment Expert

Recruitment that is fully-aligned with your business strategy and goals – a perfect extension of your brand in the market, sourcing the crucial talent you need across a wide range of vacancies in your business.

Our 24/7 Candidate Tracking Platform

A bespoke ATS platform

Elevate your hiring process with an advanced candidate management system customised to your business. Impress candidates with a smooth and cutting-edge platform.

Simplify Your Annual Hiring Budget

A fixed monthly cost - no surprises

Spread the cost of annual recruitment with a simple monthly subscription. Reduce your recruitment spend and improve the accuracy of your hiring budget. Full transparency and no surprises.

Targeted Candidate Marketing

Global marketing for your hiring

Complete dual branding to reach a wider market. Access niche job boards, all marketing channels, and customised marketing assets to promote your business as a top employer.

Scientific Candidate Evaluation

Hire the right candidate every time

Access to Psychometric and Behavioural evaluation for all shortlisted candidates – showing how they will perform in the company and role. With key competency based video assessments pre-interview, make the right choice every time.

How does RaaS Work?

No more fluctuating singular fees per salary – just a simple fixed monthly subscription for job credits that can be used on any of your vacancies.

If a candidate leaves within the partnership duration, we will replace the job credit to be used on a replacement or any other live vacancy.

We’ll become part of your team, embedding an experienced recruiter and all our recruitment tools into your organisation.

Your expert recruitment consultant will instantly begin sourcing your crucial talent straight away, freeing up your valuable time to run your business.

Case Studies

  • Energy Dome
    • Business Type:

      Battery Energy Storage
    • Location:


    Energy Dome, a leader in renewable energy storage, embarked on a strategic initiative to enhance its operations in the United States and globally.

    To achieve this, Energy Dome formed a pivotal recruitment partnership with Executive Integrity, focusing on the acquisition of a transformative leader for their supply chain operations.

    The partnership successfully resulted in the onboarding of Lourenco Lopretti, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in global supply chain management.

  • Global Maritime
    • Business Type:

      Renewable Energy Consultancy
    • Location:

      London, UK

    Facing significant employee departures, Global Maritime, a leading maritime consultancy, partnered with Executive Integrity to urgently fill a critical gap in their UK naval architecture team.

    Executive Integrity, experts in offshore wind recruitment, strategically identified and sourced a new Engineering Team Lead, leveraging their extensive industry network to find candidates with essential leadership skills and expertise in WMS Naval Architecture.

    • Business Type:

      LNG Shipping
    • Location:

      South-Eastern Europe

    GASLOG, a prominent player in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector, embarked on a pioneering journey to establish a new energy gateway in Greece and Southeastern Europe.

    To accomplish this transformative vision, GASLOG engaged in a crucial large-scale FSRU conversion project and sought a multiple roles in ship operations excellence to support their expanding fleet.

    Teaming up exclusively with Executive Integrity, GASLOG forged a strategic recruitment partnership aimed at identifying transformative leaders to drive their growth.

  • Aker Horizons
    • Business Type:

      Hydrogen, Renewable Energy
    • Location:


    Aker Horizons is a pioneering company in the green energy industry, accelerating the transition to a net-zero carbon future.

    The Norwegian company is active in renewable energy, carbon capture, hydrogen, and developing industrial-scale decarbonisation projects.

    To cement itself as a global leader in the energy transition, Aker Horizons sought strategic senior recruitment; a service Executive Integrity offers for operational excellence.

  • Excelerate Energy
    • Business Type:

      LNG Shipping
    • Location:


    Excelerate Energy, a pioneering force in integrated LNG solutions, faced a critical hiring challenge, requiring a VP of Operations with a rare blend of LNG expertise and leadership.

    Partnering with Executive Integrity, they navigated this difficult hiring challenge seamlessly.

    Excelerate’s strategic recruitment partnership with Executive Integrity highlights the fusion of industry insight and strategic headhunting, propelling them toward operational excellence while advancing environmental progress.

  • Transporeon
    • Business Type:

    • Location:

      Denmark, Germany, UK

    Transporeon Group is reshaping the logistics landscape through advanced digital solutions.

    Recognising the need for a strategic approach to rapid global hiring, Transporeon sought a recruitment partnership that embodies integrity and expertise.

    With a shared commitment to excellence, Transporeon and Executive Integrity joined forces to navigate the dynamic logistics talent landscape – successfully sourcing 3 crucial sales positions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RaaS (Recruitment as a Service)?

RaaS, or Recruitment as a Service, is a comprehensive approach to recruiting global talent. It combines technology, automation, candidate analysis, and recruitment expertise to provide top industry talent to businesses at a fixed monthly cost.

How is RaaS (Recruitment as a Service) different from traditional recruitment methods?

RaaS (Recruitment as a Service) redefines recruitment by offering a fixed cost subscription model with job credits that can be used for any vacancy within your organisation. This innovative approach eliminates unpredictable costs, allowing you to plan your hiring budget confidently. Along with dedicated account management, 24/7 candidate tracking, and access to psychometric and competency testing, RaaS streamlines the recruitment process while delivering top industry talent. This comprehensive and efficient solution reduces hiring risks, enhances candidate quality, and simplifies the hiring process, setting it apart from traditional recruitment methods.

What is a "True Partnership" in recruitment?

A “True Partnership” means that our RaaS model aligns completely with your business strategy and goals. We become an extension of your brand in the market, focusing on sourcing the talent you need across various job vacancies.

How does RaaS simplify my annual hiring budget?

RaaS spreads the cost of annual recruitment over simple monthly subscriptions. This approach helps reduce recruitment spending and improves the accuracy of your hiring budget. You can expect full transparency and no surprises.

What is "Targeted Candidate Marketing" and how does it benefit my business?

This service involves promoting your business as a top employer through every possible channel. With our RaaS service, you gain access to niche our job boards, all marketing channels, and custom marketing assets, expanding your reach in the job market and attracting more candidates.

How do you ensure the quality of candidates delivered?

Our RaaS service includes in-depth candidate analysis, psychometric and competency testing, and pre-interview videos to evaluate suitability and team fit. This rigorous process ensures that only high-quality candidates are presented to you.

Can you customise this service to meet my specific business needs?

Absolutely. Our RaaS model is tailored to your unique requirements. We work closely with you to create a recruitment plan that aligns with your company’s goals and strategy.

How can I remove the risk and stress associated with hiring using RaaS?

Our RaaS service is designed to streamline the hiring process, reducing the risks and stress commonly associated with recruitment. We focus on delivering top talent and ensuring a seamless experience for both employers and candidates.

If you have any more questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to support your recruitment needs.

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