Let me tell you a secret: You can save up to 165K on your next Solar hiring campaign.

This isn’t an assumption. I’ve broken down realistic outgoings for you below (which you can jump to). It reveals how solar power delays in particular can compound costs into destructive losses without helpful hiring strategies in place.

And to make matters worse, clients are concerned that solar talent shortages are causing a competitive environment for skilled workers.

It’s no wonder the pressure is high to secure retained talent and avoid financial losses and stakeholder anxieties from commercial downtime.

The Hidden Cost of a Bad Hire in the Solar Power Industry


I know, a typical hiring campaign might not cost £165,000, but a bad hire in the solar industry can EASILY reach that figure. I’ve broken it down for you below:

  • Direct Costs: Salary for 8 months (£28,000), recruitment fees (£6,300), and training (£1,750) for a bad hire can quickly add up to over £36,000.
  • Lost Productivity: A bad or missing manager can decrease team performance by 20%. Assuming a similar salary for a team of five, that’s an additional £28,000 loss.
  • Employee Turnover: Stress and a bad work environment can lead to valuable employees leaving. Replacing a single team member who leaves due to a bad hire, including recruitment fees, training, and lost productivity, can cost over £25,550.
  • Missed Opportunities: Staffing shortages can result in lost business deals. You could lose more than £50,000 from a missed contract.


Total Impact: These factors combined can easily reach the £165,000 figure, revealing the true cost of a bad hire in the solar industry.

Compounded Costs in Solar Power Hiring

Have you calculated the sums to the closest estimates…?

  1. Profit loss per minute with your employment gap.
  2. The compounded costs from rash hiring decisions (or decisions you thought were right at the time!)


A typical 50MW (megawatt) solar project facing a delay can incur an average cost of $2 million, a delay of about 20%.  
Snowball falling down hill and growing in size
Common Solar Power Project Delays

Common delays caused by employee gaps or poor employee performance span the entire solar project lifecycle including:

Manufacturers – slow build out affecting projects still awaiting solar panels.
EPC firms – lack of reliable power from grid integration delays and lack of BOS personnel.
Developers – project build out delays from lengthy land permitting negotiations.
O&M – slow maintenance and poor operational procedures leading to lost energy production.

We know you can’t afford to wait weeks or months to fill critical positions.

So, facing these risks, recruitment must be targeted, exacting and measured. A smarter strategy is in order, leveraging hiring tools based on these 3 pillars:

1. Employee retention
2. Speedy hires (without losing quality)
3. Streamlined processes

Cut through Solar recruitment challenges with a streamlined hiring platform.

I’ve got something exciting to share with you. It’s called Executive Intelligence and it’s our award-winning candidate management platform, designed to find quality candidates fast, and at a lower cost to your business.

Executive Intelligence will get you the following:

* A smooth and seamless hiring process.
* No risk hires to save you that 165K.
* Guaranteed 96% retention rates.
* Reduced commercial downtime in solar power projects.
* Positive candidate experience.

What is Executive Intelligence?

Executive Intelligence is our award-winning streamlined candidate management platform. You manage each candidate’s profile in one central platform, from shortlist to offer made. It’s the leading way to acquire quality talent fast and before your competitors, thus reducing costly commercial downtime.

What if I told you that using our platform, Energy Dome acquired a purpose driven US Head of Supply Chain in under 4 weeks to spearhead their US expansion? To read more on how we did it, click here to read the case study.

Here’s what’s included:
24/7 access across all devices and time zones

This provides next level efficiency, and removes your cluttered email chains.

Video Introductions and Assessment

Imagine sitting in an interview and knowing the candidate isn’t right after 2 minutes…. Video introductions allow you to form a strong first impression of each profile. You’ll uncover what the candidates are like, how they present themselves, their personality, and gather their motivations ALL before an interview takes place. This process is provides countless more information and saves far more time than a traditional screening.

Key Competency Based Questions

This generates a candidate match report to directly compare candidate responses and niche down to only the prime candidates. These questions are customised by you for each role to discover temperament, and suitability across all areas of the job description.

Job Fit Analysis

With job fit analysis you can instantly benchmark psychometric results with those already succeeding in-house to check if candidates match key characteristics. This all eliminates the need for first stage interviews as you will have built a consolidated shortlist of the best candidates destined to succeed in the role and fit within your unique company culture.

Psychometric & Behavioural Testing

McQuaig Psychometric and behavioural testing is a scientifically proven assessment, revealing how candidates will perform in the role with astounding accuracy rates. You’ll instantly know how they handle high pressure or how they take responsibility.

Your chance for no risk solar recruitment

The advantages above are how Executive Intelligence achieves astounding 96% retention rates for our clients. And what’s more, in the off-chance a candidate doesn’t work out, you get up to 12 months free replacement.

Again, this is the modern and proven recruitment method to save over 165K on your next campaign by finding quality hires in a fraction of the time.

Need quality talent fast?

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