First things first – we get it, there is a lot of pressure when hiring for your business.

It can sometimes feel like you are carrying all the pressure of your next hire’s success – you don’t want to mess up. The cost of replacing an employee is 150% of their annual salary, so you don’t want to have to do it twice!

This coupled with the fact that there are 36% fewer applicants across all industries in 2022 adds even MORE pressure on the hiring manager.

You can’t afford to let the few candidates active in the market slip!

But is your current recruitment strategy effective? Do your candidates experience a fluid and professional process?

Let’s figure out what your recruitment process says about YOU!


The 3 key reasons why candidates decline a position include:


1. Receiving an offer where the contract terms do not align with candidate expectations.

Clarity and consistency is vital for potential candidates! If you are being too vague in your job description, it forces the candidate to make assumptions about what the job entails!

Research suggests that 53% of job seekers prefer the details of a job role to be clearly explained in the job description.

You may get fewer candidates applying if you are truthful and honest, but at least the candidates that do apply won’t be shocked by the ‘dirty’ details!


2. Being offered below-market pay and less-than-competitive perks.

HEADS UP EMPLOYERS – free fruit in the office and flexible working aren’t competitive benefits!

You need to compare your ‘benefits’ against competitors to make sure you are a viable employer to candidates.

Also – do not hide the salary!

Job adverts that display salary information are 66% more likely to generate an application than one without because candidates want to know the bottom line of what employers are offering.


3. Lack of responsiveness.

If your recruitment process is poorly managed and planned – your candidates will definitely notice!

52% of job seekers place lack of response from employers as the number one frustration during the job search — which explains why 89% of potential candidates drop out of the hiring process due to a drawn-out timeline!

Even a week without a response is enough for a good candidate to just simply look elsewhere – TIME KILLS DEALS.


If you are currently managing your recruitment processes in the above ways – it tells your candidates you are just simply not a good enough employer in this competitive job market!

DON’T WORRY – we can fix this.


Firstly, you need to have consistency with your messaging regarding your brand and the role!

This will require a bit of a digital refresh – updating your brand’s website, social media channels, and job descriptions to reflect your culture, values, and mission.

Using an exclusive recruitment firm like Executive Integrity enables consistent marketing around your job roles and brand within the market – ensuring consistency and results!


Secondly, you need transparency around the role – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Being open and honest about working arrangements, responsibilities, benefits, and salary will ensure that there are no surprises when the candidates receive your offer!


Finally, don’t GHOST your candidates!

If you aren’t in the position to efficiently provide timelines and feedback – then you should not be commencing the recruitment process.

Good candidates active in the market are scarce in 2022– If you are shying away from keeping in touch with them, they are as good as GONE.

If you are struggling to give candidates the correspondence and guidance they need throughout the process – consider using a specialist headhunter like Executive Integrity to manage the workload.


It looks like you need a recruitment revolution at your business – but you are at the right place!

For a no-obligation discussion about how we can help you save time and money on your next recruitment campaign - contact us here!

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