As an experienced LNG recruitment expert, I’ve noticed a substantial and rapidly growing challenge:

A critical shortage of senior talent with hands-on FSRU experience.

Navigating the FSRU hiring landscape in the global LNG industry can feel like unchartered territory. The senior LNG candidates you need for FSRU project success require a unique blend of hands-on technical shipping experience, a strong leadership track record, and a deep understanding of FSRU project nuances.

On top of this, I’ve noticed that the handful of perfect leadership profiles are passive talent – currently happy in their roles at your competitor and not actively searching for new opportunities. Locating your perfect FSRU leader with this niche expertise is a daunting task; only a select few companies across the globe possess such relevant talent.

The challenges of Senior FSRU Recruitment

The talent pool at your disposal for FSRU leadership is limited and traditional hiring strategies are completely insufficient. Prolonged vacancies and project delays inevitably result, threatening the successful completion of FSRU projects and increasing overall project costs.

Below are the true recruitment challenges FSRU companies face:
The Specialised FSRU Skill Gap:

In the evolving landscape of the LNG sector, the transition from conventional methods to advanced FSRU vessels presents a steep challenge of sourcing experienced leaders equipped with hands-on expertise tailored to the unique demands of FSRU projects. Your senior talent needs direct experience working with FSRU dry docking, conversion, or new build projects. This experience coupled with shore-based profiles who have senior management experience is an incredibly difficult mixture to source.

These core skills are too complex for ‘on-the-job learning’

To make matters worse – your hiring managers are inundated with irrelevant shipping profiles lacking any of the key skills, making the selection process inefficient and time-consuming. Addressing this skill gap requires a strategic and targeted approach to talent acquisition, headhunting those few individuals with a proven track record in these specialised areas to navigate the complexities of FSRU projects successfully.

The Dynamic and Evolving FSRU Sector:

The dynamic and volatile nature of the FSRU sector in the LNG industry poses a challenge to successfully hire agile leaders. FSRU projects – from new builds, conversions, to ongoing management – require professionals with adaptability to manage the intricate stages in the vessel’s lifespan. You need precise experience in overcoming these challenges from planning and design to managing a seamless operation.

Acting as a crucial link between LNG carriers and local gas supply infrastructure, FSRUs bring versatility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness to the LNG industry. However, this flexibility demands leaders who can confidently navigate rapid changes and innovate throughout the entire life cycle of the unit.

But how can you ensure your LNG candidates have a proven track record navigating the complexities of FSRUs?

To overcome this challenge, you need FSRU Recruitment experts who will put the time into key competency checks before delivering the shortlist. Your chosen recruiter MUST have an in-depth understanding of the FSRU industry’s niche demands, ensuring the best possible selection of leaders with the expertise to steer FSRU projects through the complexities of their dynamic environment.

Limited FSRU Candidate Network:

Amongst the leading FSRU businesses I work with, the lack of internal & external senior FSRU candidates they have at their disposal is a significant hiring challenge. Even industry leaders lack internal candidates possessing the unique blend of FSRU project and leadership experience. This makes hiring from within an insufficient solution which will cause commercial knock-on effects later on.

Your traditional website job board will be filled with inexperienced and general shipping profiles – meaning you have to resort to directly headhunting from competitors. The only problem – you will face reputation backlash and hours spent to successfully target and approach the perfect FSRU candidate.

The time you spend headhunting unsuccessfully will lead to prolonged vacancies and commercial downtime!

With the external candidate pool being niche and incredibly competitive – you will need to convince passive senior candidates to move to a competitive FSRU business in a fierce marketplace. To source these candidates – you need expert LNG career consultation to reassure these leaders who are comfortable and successful in their current roles to make the move. You need LNG headhunting experts who excel in the art of attracting and persuading the highly specialised FSRU talent you need.

The Risks of FSRU Hiring Failure

A chart showing steep decline

The risks of FSRU hiring failure not only places your project’s success in jeopardy but also increases pressure on your existing teams.

FSRU leadership vacancies remaining unfilled will disrupt workflows and cause a ripple effect throughout the organisation, affecting morale and productivity.

This will affect your ability to deliver to your clients – damaging your overall industry reputation.

Substantial FSRU Project Delays:

The risk of project delays looms large when FSRU recruitment projects take months or result in hiring the wrong senior profiles. Especially in the intricate realm of FSRU projects, where precision and experience are paramount, the impact of a leadership vacuum can be profound.

The longer a key leadership role remains unfilled, the higher the probability of critical project timelines coming to a standstill. This not only jeopardises your FSRU projects but also sets in motion a domino effect, causing delays across all other essential initiatives whether it is an FSRU new build, conversion, or general fleet management.

The interconnected nature of these projects within the LNG sector highlights the urgency of securing skilled FSRU leaders promptly. Hiring failure will stop the progress of individual projects and disrupt the overall efficiency and timelines of your broader FSRU portfolio.

FSRU Project Costs Increasing Rapidly:

The risk of increased project costs is inevitable when crucial FSRU recruitment projects fail to secure the right candidates. Extended vacancies or poor hiring decisions can have a direct and tangible impact on project finances.

While you are desperately sourcing the best leadership profile for your FSRU operations – productivity dwindles and workloads surge – forcing you to pay for additional resources or rely on external consultants to maintain project momentum. A misguided hire, particularly in a leadership position, can lead to substantial commercial downtime. The time spent rectifying hiring mistakes disrupts progress and results in a loss of valuable commercial ground.

Beyond the immediate financial implications, there are additional costs associated with severance, re-hiring, and re-training. These cumulative effects not only strain project budgets but also have a cascading impact on an organisation’s broader financial health.

FSRU market reputation at serious risk:

The risk of damage to your company’s reputation is serious when consistent recruitment failures disrupt projects. These disruptions not only affect operational efficiency but also ruin your organisation’s image within the industry.

Prolonged hiring challenges and project delays signal to the market that your company is struggling to secure the right leadership, removing all confidence among stakeholders, clients, and partners.

This negative impact on market trust can have lasting consequences, making it increasingly difficult to attract high-quality senior LNG candidates for future roles. This overall negative perception can also extend to impact crucial client relationships, as project delays and uncertainties can strain partnerships and erode credibility built over time.

How To Overcome Your FSRU Recruitment Challenges

Executive Integrity is a B Corporation - meeting the highest standards of social environmental responsibility, transparancy and accountability

At Executive Integrity, we offer a targeted and expert solution to address the intricate challenges faced by our global FSRU clients in hiring the best senior candidates in LNG with relevant experience.

We use our extensive network of the top senior FSRU professionals and expert industry insights to identify and attract passive leaders from competitive companies with a proven track record in successfully leading FSRU conversion, new build, fleet management and commercial projects.

With every FSRU recruitment project, we meticulously develop a competitor market map to locate and approach candidates with the precise mixture of hands-on FSRU project experience and leadership acumen.

By combining strategic LNG and FSRU industry knowledge with a vast expert network, we navigate the complexities of the FSRU sector to ensure that our clients secure leaders capable of overcoming the FSRU industry’s dynamic changes, mitigating project delays, reducing costs, and preserving their company’s reputation.

We are so much more than an FSRU ‘CV Delivery Service’.
Offering our Candidate Management Platform:

Executive Intelligence

A solution to effectively tackle the intricate challenges and risks in FSRU recruitment.

The platform speeds up even the most senior recruitment projects by providing psychometric and behavioural testing, pre-interview candidate competency videos, and clear candidate benchmarking around their individual job fit.

It provides our FSRU clients with a streamlined hiring platform to manage our recruitment process – accessible 24/7 and with incredible visibility around candidate suitability.

Ensuring your candidate shortlist has the precise mixture of hands-on FSRU project and leadership experience.

Executive Intelligence offers a comprehensive and efficient approach to FSRU recruitment, effectively addressing the specific challenges and risks faced by your organisation in the dynamic FSRU landscape.

Risk-Free FSRU Recruitment

We boast a 96% retention rate on our hires within the first 12 months
We offer a market-leading 110% rebate or free replacement for up to 12 months
We are a Certified B Corporation – legally committed to recruiting at the highest level of service

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