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BESS companies that invest in their people will be best positioned to lead the clean energy revolution.

Renewable energy companies all over the world now appreciate that BESS is the answer to resilient projects,  flexible power generation and stabilised grid management.

But rapid growth presents a formidable challenge:

How do you attract and retain the top talent needed to fuel this expansion?

The Battery Energy Storage Talent Crunch is Real:

Graphic predicting employment shifts by 2030, with most job losses occuring in oil and gas, and most jobs gained in modernising energy infrastructure

The World Economic Forum paints a stark picture: stating that by 2030, the global clean energy workforce must grow by 30 million to meet climate goals.

BESS companies cannot ramp up activity.

The number of workers taking degrees or relevant certifications for energy sector jobs is not keeping pace with growing demand. This particularly applies to vocational workers like specialised energy sector electricians as well as professionals in science, technology and engineering.

Roles are not being filled quickly enough.

The BESS sector alone faces an even more significant talent gap, with demand for skilled professionals outpacing the current supply.

Rampant competition for talent threatens an entire project’s survivability. The chances of landing your perfect hire dwindles. And with no one to fill opportunities, company growth ends.

Our BESS talent acquisition experts are noticing that this competition for top talent isn’t just national, it’s global, making it even more critical for BESS companies to stand out.

5 Strategies to Win the War for BESS Talent (that goes beyond traditional recruitment methods):

1. Craft a compelling employer brand
Don’t just look for talent. You’ve got to attract them too. How are you communicating your brand, your mission and values?

Work Culture
Don’t overlook sharing your positive work environment with employee testimonials and fostering a vibrant online presence.

Sustainable Integrity
Showcase your commitment to BESS and sustainability through your environmental initiatives and share impact reports.

Impressive Technology
You could highlight your innovation by sharing exciting projects and cutting-edge BESS technologies you’re pioneering.

Senior leaders and experienced talent who have grown used to one technology may jump to yours if the tech is something new, exciting, and innovative. 

Executive Integrity’s targeted recruitment marketing strategies and strategic candidate outreach can put your employer brand in the spotlight as the employer of choice within the sector.

2. Upskill Your Workforce
Continuous development should be a mantra for any BESS company if it’s serious about remaining competitive.

The BESS sector is dynamic, demanding a skilled and adaptable workforce. Invest in upskilling and reskilling programs tailored to your specific needs.

You have to compete for in-demand engineering and construction talent with higher-margin industries such as broadband, transportation, semiconductors, and public infrastructure. If your projects are installed rurally, there is already a smaller labour pool in these areas. So having a clear line of internal development is essential to project deliverability and long-term stability.  

Executive Integrity’s talent mapping and skills gap analysis services help our partners in BESS identify critical skill requirements and design targeted training programs that keep your team ahead of the curve.

3. Inspire a future generation
Partner with universities and training institutions to tap into fresh talent pipelines and cultivate future leaders.

Imagine developing a young and agile team of top-tier engineers with international experience, dedicated to your mission, seizing the opportunity and experimenting with innovative lithium BESS technologies. You should be closing the skills gap by educating, empowering and employing the future generation now. Top companies have started graduate programmes – a direct source to upskilled up-and-coming talent.

4. Attract Purpose-Driven Talent: Align Values, Empower Growth
Competitive packages attract candidates, but purpose ignites passion.

Ensure your recruitment process reflects your BESS company’s core values and mission. By highlighting your impact in job descriptions and showcasing purpose-driven development opportunities, you attract talent who share your vision for a sustainable future.

Retaining your talent is one of the most crucial elements to long-term stability and growth. Most companies will overlook or don’t have access to proven non-invasive psychological assessments before they hire a candidate. Our psychometric and behavioural analysis uncovers a candidate’s values and cultural fit, ensuring a perfect match beyond skills and someone well aligned with your mission.

5. Hire Fossil Fuel Workers
2 energy jobs will be created for every fossil fuel job lost.

Some fossil fuel companies are retraining workers internally to positions in low emissions areas to retain talent and flexibility.

With retraining, many workers could benefit from higher wages in energy. Policymaking should aim to raise standards, build inclusivity, and target energy communities impacted by the transition.

This applies to companies currently transitioning to renewables or are already 100% renewables:

Companies transitioning from FOSSIL FUELS to RENEWABLES
Retrain existing workers into your renewable expansion.

100% RENEWABLES companies
Hire fossil fuel talent and retrain them yourselves with comprehensive training programmes to fuel the transition.

BESS Competitors Leading the Way with Talent Acquisition:

Several BESS companies are excelling at attracting and retaining top talent:
  • Arenko Group: They established a strong employer brand through their commitment to employee well-being and diversity & inclusion initiatives.
  • Tion Renewables: They offer comprehensive training programs and career development opportunities, ensuring their employees stay at the forefront of the industry.
  • Pluspower: They emphasize a collaborative and innovative work environment, attracting talent passionate about shaping the future of energy.

Take the first step in defeating the skills gap

By implementing these strategies, BESS companies can overcome the talent crunch and build high-performing teams that drive innovation and growth.

Remember, attracting and retaining talent is an ongoing process, requiring continuous effort and commitment.

By working with you, we can help you overcome the talent crunch and build high-performing BESS teams that drive innovation and growth. We believe in the power of collaboration, and together, we can ensure the BESS sector has the talent it needs to lead the clean energy revolution.

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