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We give a f**k about the planet.

Other companies will think you’ve cheated.

“How did they manage no layoffs?”
“How are they growing so quickly?”

When your competitors finally bite the bullet and ask you how you “did it”, you tell them the honest truth…

You chose to partner with B Corp Certified™ recruiters who give a f**k about the planet.

Our consistent delivery of the best Solar talent from junior to C-suite didn’t come from a desire for pure self-interest. It’s born from placing people and the planet before profit.

B Corp Logo - showing our comittment to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparancy, and accountability

So here’s the big question:

What does B Corp Certified™ Solar Recruitment give you?

The answer is better than you can imagine for your solar power projects.

You can fulfil all your growth aspirations whilst saving time and money on hires:

Purpose-driven recruitment consistently provides your business with top Solar candidates who are aligned with your company mission, driven by your shared values, and the perfect fit within your unique company culture.

All of this in a cost-effective solution within 5 weeks.

Purpose-Driven Solar Power Recruitment

  • Are you losing out on projects?
  • Are project delays scaring away employees?
  • Just received funding and don’t want to waste it?
Your recruitment function is an essential solution.

For your growth goals, you must beat competitors to talent in a market hit by rising interest rates and solar project uncertainties.

You need the strategic edge that purpose-driven recruitment delivers to your workforce – unmatched results.

By efficiently sourcing like-minded talent dedicated to your shared purpose, you won’t just save time and resources; you will create a workplace where engagement soars, turnover dwindles, and your brand becomes synonymous with a commitment to sustainability.

That’s quite a difference from standard recruitment agencies who only care about quick wins.
Upwards facing ven diagram, moving upwards from values, mission, strategy and purpose

Ignoring purpose-driven recruitment leads to mediocre results like…

frustrated solar hiring manager

Waiting forever for shortlists – You won’t be attracting the best possible solar candidates and will be receiving irrelevant shortlists filled with candidates who won’t share your values or push your business forward.  This is due to standard recruitment’s weak value propositions and a lack of network.

Hidden recruitment fees – With standard recruitment being all about ‘BIG FEES’, costs constantly get renegotiated and hidden. This disrupts your budget and ruins your financial plans!

Candidate mismatch and poor retention rates – Standard recruiters will neglect the candidate’s cultural fit and shared values when sourcing solar talent, leading to inevitable commercial downtime. This will lose your business time and money to rehire and gamble all over again! Hint: it can easily reach over £165K.

Reputation damage by self-serving consultants – Standard recruiters will do anything to submit a shortlist, cutting corners and neglecting senior solar talent at the drop of a hat. This reflects directly on your business, losing out on quality senior candidates now and in the future.

Actively INCREASING your carbon footprint – As a company driving sustainability, why work with standard recruiters whose internal operations actually increase your carbon footprint as your chosen supplier?

Poor candidate experience reflects badly on you!

Recruitment has a reputation. Some recruiter’s devotion to profit and promotion means they miss the true purpose behind recruitment – the people themselves and the value of your business!

Plus: they make your business look bad to leaders in the industry!

IMPORTANT: When reading through these I’d like you to think

  1. How insulting the below examples are to your business and goals – poorly representing your business to senior candidates in the industry.
  2. How can you secure long-term and driven talent when partnered with standard recruiters who endorse this behaviour.
Here are the REAL recruitment horror stories:

  • Asking candidates about new roles as soon as they’ve passed probationary period.
  • Judging candidates unfairly, with no regard to the client – judging based on personal opinions of what the perfect candidate should be and based on what they look like.
  • Radio silence on candidates who are no longer “useful”.
  • A recruiter shifting candidates to unfavoured roles to serve their own interest.
  • Making promises the client isn’t aware of.
  • Lying about other candidates in the running and their salary expectations, “John is in the running and will take £3000 less”.
  • Making false promises – lying about CV submittals!
  • Manipulative and self-serving salary negotiations
  • Not understanding the market and expectations
  • Amending (falsifying) a candidate’s CV (without their knowledge) and ruining candidate credibility
1/3rd of those who read that list will do something about it.
2/3rd’s will do nothing.
Only one will commit to better recruitment. Are you that one?

Now, we know not all your standard recruitment companies will be like this. They might not exhibit any of that list! But the thing is, you can’t guarantee it.

But with a B Corp Certified™ recruiter, you know for damn sure it won’t happen.

Untrustworthy person

Make the right decisions!

We agree with you – recruitment is notoriously hard to plan and budget. There’s little time in the day to consider every choice.

But that’s where mistakes are made.

Remember: Just one bad hire can set you back months, increase the chances of delays, and cost your solar business more than the lost candidate’s annual salary.

B Corp Certified™ recruitment is the only risk-free option when it comes to your global hiring campaigns.

Just one bad hire can set you back months, increase chances of delays, and cost your Solar business more than the lost candidate’s annual salary.

If you want the best for your Solar business, consider working with the best.

But what sets us apart?

Our shared values: We are legally INCENTIVISED to make sure your Solar business THRIVES – Your company growth and consolidated success is our priority through our shared values for a more sustainable, equitable and just world.

More than a CV delivery service – As a B Corp™ we are committed to the highest possible results. To ensure this, we spare no expense when it comes to sourcing candidates. With Behavioural and Psychometric assessments, Pre-interview video screenings, an award-winning candidate management platform, and in-depth market expertise – we make sure the candidate is perfect.

Our 96% retention rate on new hires in the first 12 months is a testament to the power of shared values in recruitment – we find the most passionate and purpose-driven candidates to ensure the perfect team fit within your unique company’s culture and goals.

We donate a portion of annual profits to Renewable World – We know the power of energy in supporting the lives of the most impoverished communities. By working with us, you’ll automatically be providing lifesaving and life-enhancing renewable energy to the most vulnerable communities in Nepal and East Africa.

B-Corp 10% discount: To further support our commitment to promoting sustainable technology and creating a positive impact on organisations, society, and our planet, we are pleased to offer an exclusive 10% discount on our standard fees to all B Corp certified® companies. Invest this money on other core areas of the business.

110% rebate = No risk recruitment – if a candidate doesn’t work out, you get all your money back + 10% or a free replacement up to 12 months.

Less than 1% of recruiters offer this!

We plant a tree for every placement: Directly contribute to a greener world and build a next-level candidate experience with plant our plant a tree certificates in partnership with The National Trust – reinforcing both candidate and client values.

Improve your ESG scores – By working with a fellow B Corp Certified™ recruitment company dedicated to sustainability, you actively improve your crucial ESG scores.

Full pricing transparency: Unheard of in recruitment – get full transparency for accurate hiring budgets with our pricing plan. See our prices here.

Solar Power leaders

Committed to you:

We are legally accountable to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, accountability, and transparency.

This means outstanding and consistent quality of results and customer service, with a commitment to integrity and fairness. 

We alleviate the pains, setbacks, and hardships endured from your regular stereotypical, self-interested recruitment agencies that set you back months!

Proving it to you!

“Executive Integrity are at the foundation of our ability to grow our business at the pace it needs to accelerate.”

“They took the time to get to know us, our culture, and the criteria of success in our specific marketplace.”

“They incorporated our hiring habits into the process, ensuring staff coming on board were well aligned with our company.”

“Having been involved with recruiters my entire working life, I can say without reservation that they are the best of the best.”
  • CEO and Founder
“Executive Integrity are real search partners that understood what was important and delivered.”

“Executive Integrity took the time to understand our hard and soft requirements and kept in touch with us the right way – understanding and respecting the role of HR and the hiring departments.”

“Working with Executive Integrity was a win on all points!”
  • Head of HR and ESG

Our stats to remove your hiring risks:

96% retention rate on new hires, covering 80+ countries – leveraging award-winning modern recruitment strategies, and technologies for outstanding results.

3:1 interview to hire ratio.

87% offer acceptance rate.

Fast-track recruitment – 2 weeks to deliver a shortlist of 5 market-leading candidates – means more time to focus on other core areas of your business!

An award-winning candidate management platform – pre-interview video screenings and psychometric assessments to efficiently find your perfect match.

110% rebate – and free candidate replacement within 12 months.

Take the opportunity

At this point, it would be foolish not to see how the benefits outweigh the risks – how partnering with a B Corp recruitment company is different for all the right reasons.

Out of 334,000,000 companies worldwide, only 6000 are B Corp, that’s 0.002 percent. A fraction of that 0.002% is reaching out to you now, offering you a chance to secure purpose driven recruitment services that interests both parties.

The time to act is now.

2024 is fast approaching. Annual budgets are being debated now. Commitments are being considered as we speak – including the option of standard recruitment and all the associated risks!

Don’t miss the chance to secure the lifelong partnership our purpose-driven recruitment offers you.

Get in touch with a member of the team today. Let’s discuss how our shared values can secure your company’s future leaders.


If you still need persuading, see exactly how we secured 4 senior level hires in Italy’s competitive solar market, where candidates jump on and off fast!

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