Do you understand the consequences of a bad hire?

It means wasted time and money on your recruitment fees, the candidate’s salary, onboarding processes, and lost commercial activity that can stack to losses of up to 165K on one hire alone.

Sometimes the candidate you thought was great just doesn’t fit.

It could be how they handle high pressure, how they relate to their team, or a disingenuous alignment with your mission and values. The problem is this can be hard to identify – these can sneak through the cracks of a hiring process… until now.

Here’s what’s overlooked:

The methods to assess the ability of a candidate within your unique culture BEFORE they enter your organisation. To secure the RIGHT talent for your mission, secure optimum ROI, and 96% retention rates, we utilise scientifically backed McQuaig psychometric testing.

It’s certainly divisive, but here are my “2 cents”: 

The power of McQuaig psychometric assessments

Data-Driven Hiring

I like data. It doesn’t lie. The thing is, traditional methods often rely solely on intuition and CV’s, leaving room for any unconscious bias. Psychometric assessments like McQuaig offer objective data on cognitive abilities, personality traits, how they handle high pressure, how they take responsibility; helping identify candidates who naturally fit the role and team dynamic. In fact, a study by Cegos in 2018 found that companies using psychometric testing saw a 20% reduction in turnover.

Performance Enhancement

McQuaig goes beyond identifying talent; it pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of existing employees, allowing for targeted coaching and development plans. I recently found an interesting 2020 study by AESC Insights you might find useful – it revealed organisations using psychometric assessments reported a huge 30% increase in employee engagement!

Stronger Team Culture

Everyone is an individual. Understanding your future talent’s preferences and communication styles is crucial for building a thriving team. McQuaig psychometrics provides these valuable insights, facilitating smoother collaboration and optimised output. It’s no wonder a study by Harvard Business Review in 2018 concluded that teams with high psychological safety (a key element McQuaig assesses) are 12% more productive.

Diversity and Inclusion

McQuaig’s assessments are specifically designed to be culturally neutral and unbiased, ensuring a fair and equitable selection process. This commitment to diversity and inclusion aligns with modern workplace values and attracts top talent who prioritise these values.

The Drawbacks

  • Potential for Bias: Like any tool, McQuaig must be used responsibly. Choosing culturally appropriate and validated assessments is crucial to avoid bias. We ensure compliance with best practices and ethical guidelines through our partnership with McQuaig.
  • Gaming the System: Mitigating the risk of candidates manipulating results requires robust test design, clear instructions, and expert administration. Executive Integrity’s experienced team and secure testing platform ensure the integrity of the assessment process.
  • Cost and Expertise: Implementing McQuaig effectively requires resources. Executive Integrity offers flexible solutions and expert guidance, making it accessible for organisations of all sizes.

Unveiling the Potential with McQuaig & Executive Integrity:

Executive Integrity recognises the power of McQuaig in revolutionising talent management. We incorporate it into our executive and premium offerings, providing clients with:

Customised Assessments

Tailored to specific roles and contexts, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

Expert Interpretation

Our fully-trained consultants translate data into actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Holistic Approach

We integrate McQuaig results with other assessments and qualitative data for a complete picture.

Ethical Implementation

We adhere to strict ethical guidelines and best practices to ensure fairness and objectivity.


Psychometric profiling, when used responsibly and expertly, offers immense potential to improve operational and financial performance, as well as build a strong culture within your organisation. McQuaig, coupled with Executive Integrity’s expertise, offers a powerful solution to unlock this potential and build a thriving team.

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