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Find a recruitment partner you can trust in this dynamic industry

In your LNG Shipping career path, it’s more about finding the right recruiter rather than just any recruiter. And finding the right recruiter is the antidote to navigating this vast, complex and ever-changing sector. It alleviates the overwhelming, stressful and time-consuming process of finding or moving jobs within in this challenging industry.

When working with a great LNG recruiter, you receive a ton of value at no personal cost. So, what’s the hold-up?

In this guide, we’re sharing the crucial know-how on navigating LNG recruitment agencies. We’re exploring the countless advantages of enlisting a great Shipping recruitment partnerand the 4 best practices when working with your recruiter!

You’ll find all the answers to what is expected from both yourself and your consultant when it comes to your exciting career move.

Why should you reach out to a great LNG Shipping recruiter?

There’s a simple answer: you’d be silly not to. With a specialist recruiter, you access a world of opportunities at your fingertips! But never forget: the level of service is determined by the quality of the recruiter. So, you may be thinking, how do I identify the best LNG recruiter? They should possess all the advantages, benefits and qualities listed below 👇🏽

Perfect hires from partnering with an LNG recruitment agency

Finding you the perfect fit within the Shipping industry

Your long-term commitment to a company is dependent on YOUR satisfaction. A great LNG recruitment consultant ensures the best match by understanding not only your own but their clients’ mission vision, and values. Emphasis surrounds finding you a key industry player who’s similar-minded and driven by the same values as you. This is essential to securing a role with meaning, purpose, and the fulfilment derived from joining a cohesive team.

LNG recruitment insight

LNG Recruiters Provide Industry Insights

The best recruiters are true experts in their field. Working alongside a recruiter with LNG Shipping expertise means you’re in safe hands when it comes to current industry intricacies. Your talented consultant should be able to accurately define and share market trendssalary expectations, and in-demand skills with you. What makes a truly GOOD recruiter truly special is the ability to predict hiring trends that may impact global hiring in the future, keeping you on your toes in the sector.

Trusted handsake in LNG shipping

Someone you can Trust Through the Entire Recruitment Process

It’s no wonder candidates don’t know where to start. Job hunting is stressful and time-consuming. The process brings complexities such as potential job loss, job turn-around times, levels of discretion, and other factors that directly and indirectly affect your personal and professional life. Never take shortcuts on your long-term future and fulfilment. You need a strategy that only a competent and agile LNG recruitment partner can provide.

Advice and support services

Comprehensive Guidance and Support

From the initial application to your first day on the job and beyond, a recruitment agency provides step-by-step guidance. They help you prepare an outstanding CV, offer interview coaching, and negotiate the best terms when an offer is on the table. The recruitment goes beyond mere job matching, and depending on the circumstances may involve executive contract negotiations, three-way meetings, visa support, offer counselling, as well as creating workable scenarios for both client and candidate.

Large LNG network

An expert LNG Recruiter is a valuable addition to your network

Each consultant within the industry boasts an extensive global network of innovative LNG Shipping clients, including top-tier ship management companies and industry leaders. With them, your CV instantly becomes a more valuable asset, getting the attention of global leaders. And remember, even if your application doesn’t lead to getting an immediate position, your CV remains on file and in mind. This increases your chances of landing that dream position in the future.

4 Best Practices for Working with an LNG Recruitment Company

Pick ONE expert in the sector and work exclusively with them.

You need to partner with only ONE expert Shipping recruiter. Why is this? Because you don’t want multiple recruiters sending out the same profile! This makes you seem desperate, putting off potential employers in the process!

You want a unified voice and message pitching your profile. That other agency you choose may not be as strong in the sector, they may be telling your story wrong, AND in a completely contradictory way to all the other recruiters selling your profile. At this point, how do employers know what to believe? To be pitched correctly, you need uniformity. To assert yourself as a confident and promising candidate, partner with ONE global leader in the sector.

Open Communication is Key

Maintain open and transparent communication with your LNG Shipping recruiter. Share your career goals, aspirations, preferences, and motivations. Be sure to share your values to secure meaningful and purpose-driven placement.

Don’t waste the consultant’s time and effort on a dead end – communicate changes in your criteria promptly to ensure the best match. Build trust with your recruiter with honesty surrounding your qualifications, work history, and expectations. Trust between you and your recruiter will facilitate a smoother and more productive job search process.

Patience Pays Off

Make sure to set realistic time expectations. The global Shipping job market can be highly competitive, and the recruitment process often involves numerous stages, from initial application to final interviews and contract negotiations. If you rush this process, it can lead to hasty decisions that are not in your best interest.

The key is to remain positive. Remember, your consultant isn’t just helping you land any job but the job. Besides, your positivity throughout the process highlights to employers your ability to handle high-pressure scenarios, leading to improved interview performance. Accept the time it takes to find an ideal match between candidates and employers. Impatience can strain your relationship with the recruiter and harm your chances of landing the right job.

Highlight Relevant Experience and Qualifications in your CV.

Hiring managers love your high-value, industry-specific knowledge and experience. If you’re new to the sector, don’t worry! Highlight any transferable shipping or maritime experience. You should also include your latest qualifications, communicating your proficiency, dedication and skill with the specific vessel type.

You should always seek out more qualifications emerging into the LNG Shipping space. This up-to-date knowledge makes you an attractive prospect to both recruiters and employers. Additionally, LNG Shipping is one of a select few industries boasting reputable qualifications that have been highly regarded for years! Gain instant respect by obtaining and sharing these highly valued qualifications with your recruiter.

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