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​As you are an industry expert, you need your recruitment process to be as high quality as your business.

Let us show your future employees how impressive you are with our award-winning recruitment platform that takes the risk out of recruitment.

This advanced technology and cutting-edge methodology provide new levels to your hiring.

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But how will this benefit you?

Access to award-winning Mcquaig® Psychometric and Behavioural Testing

Easy-to-use recruitment application - streamline your recruitment process

Reduce Hiring Risk and Cost

Decrease Commercial Downtime

Improve new employee retention to 96%

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But how does it work?

Behavioural testing

Analyzing the temperament of the candidate

How they will they perform on an everyday basis; how will they react in high-pressure situations; how will they take charge or pursue a sales cycle.

These reports are prepared by the McQuaig® Institute, an independent, highly regarded psychometrics provider.

Job Fit Analysis

How do they stack up against the best?​

Psychometrics are compared with personnel who are already succeeding in-post to check if they match in key characteristics and judge them objectively if they are suited to do the job.

It will also determine if they will be happy in your environment, or be stretched, pressured, and forced to act abnormally instead.

Key Competency-Based Questions

How well do they understand the job?

All candidates are asked the same three to five questions and asked to answer in advance of the interview - these can be down to your discretion or our own.

These targeted comptency-based questions allow candidates to showcase their knowledge and offer a direct comparison with other candidates.

This also assists in providing a valuable talking point for follow-up questions during the interview.

Candidate Benchmark Analysis

Recruitment down to a science

​Provided by the recruitment team if requested by the client, whereby candidates are compared on key skills and on salary to provide a cost-benefit analysis of the options available to the client.

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