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The latest Renewable Energy jobs in global Solar Power

Global urgent jobs in Solar Power. Find the best jobs in international Solar Power. The Renewable Energy sector is a fast-growing, innovative and crucial industry with many diverse career paths!

The multiple advantages of solar power are increasingly known by the world!

Foremost, solar energy is often the lowest-cost power generation source in the EU, with the cost structure continuing to improve further for many years to come.

Solar PV is also the most flexible and easy-to-deploy power technology – from very small household applications to gigantic utility-scale power plants.

One less well-known solar benefit is ‘job friendliness’.

No other power technology is as job intense as solar, which creates 2 to 6 times more jobs than any of its peers during the construction phase.

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  • Aisha Barnes
    Aisha Barnes

    Senior Associate - Renewables

    Aisha has 5 years of experience as a Senior Consultant in London an...

  • Nicky Lott
    Nicky Lott

    Business Development Manager - Renewables

    Nicky is a definitive recruitment expert - boasting 20+ years of ex...

  • Simon Grant
    Simon Grant

    Co-Founder - Managing Director - Renewables

    Co-Founder of Executive Integrity. Simon graduated with a Degree in...

  • Jaime Marsal
    Jaime Marsal

    Senior Consultant - Renewables

    Jaime is a bilingual recruitment consultant, operating within the r...

  • Bradley Elliott
    Bradley Elliott

    Associate Consultant - Renewables

    Bradley is trained and experienced in global candidate headhunting ...