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Global Ports and Logistics

​​​Global urgent jobs in Ports and Logistics. Find the best jobs in international Ports and Logistics. The Ports and Logistics sectors are stronger than ever - Find your dream role here!

Logistics is the commercial activity to transport goods to customers. Whenever there is a port, there will be career opportunities.

To maintain the daily operations of ports and logistics, job opportunities in fields such as supply chain management, freight forwarding, procurement, business development, and customer service have been created. The digitalisation of ports and logistics also increases operational efficiency and enhances the client experience.

What’s more – the digitalisation of the seaport industry is making the communication between the ships and the port more effective to avoid port congestion and reduce emissions.

What education is required to work in the ports and logistics industry?

To pursue a senior role in supply management and other higher levels of responsibility, usually it requires a Bachelor's Degree focused in ports and logistics. Course material that covers mathematical skills, business management, accounting and project management will be beneficial.

A Master's Degree in some aspects of your port and logistics career also allows you to get an upper-level managerial role and apply that expertise to a wider scope.​

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  • Chloe Read
    Chloe Read

    Associate Consultant - Maritime and Shipping

    Chloe operates within the niche Ports and Logistics technology spac...

  • Adam Thaxter
    Adam Thaxter

    Principal Associate - Maritime and Shipping

    Adam is a Business Graduate from Winchester University with a succe...

  • Maria Whitmarsh
    Maria Whitmarsh

    Associate Consultant - Maritime and Shipping

    Maria operates within the niche Ports, Logistics & Supply Chain...